My Fav Blogger / Vloggers series featuring Charlene McElhinney

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the next part of my series featuring Bloggers and Vloggers that I admire.

This one features the amazing Charlene McElhinney

I met Charlene last year on Twitter when I decided to branch out my blog writing skills, I've been blogging about theatre for a few years but decided last year to do my own one and she's been an incredible friend and so supportive with my blog posts.

Charlene also has incredible book out on Amazon called Melancholy Mind, if you haven't seen it yet head straight to Amazon to get a copy. So proud of her massive accomplishment with this.

Charlene also runs the amazing Bee Chat over on twitter check out @cbeechat to meet some amazingly supportive bloggers and great friends.

Check out Charlene on twitter on @blogabtnothing1 and on instagram on @charlenemcelhinney for some brilliant posts 

Have a great rest of the week 
Love Holly x


  1. Thank you so much for this, sweetie! What an honour! X


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