Vegas Adventures

Hey Everyone, 

Hope you've all had a great weekend

Mine has been busy to say the least - I'm getting ready now to move on to the next stop of my trip but thought I'd catch you up on some of what I've been up to over the past few days in Vegas.

My first observation 
Vegas is very deceiving size wise the strip itself is a great place to explore but if you wonder into a hotel be prepared for a walk pretty much the length of Westfield to find your way out again. 
We've explored a lot of the hotels whilst we've been here. We timed it perfectly last night to see the amazing fountain shows which I've seen so much of online and they were incredible to watch.
A highlight personally for me was getting to see the Backstreet Boys residency here in Vegas. The show was just amazing and a complete trip down memory lane. I can't tell you how amazing it's been to see the boys again live on stage. 
We've just made it back from a long and incredible day at the Grand Canyon. This has been a big one to tick off my bucket list and I loved every part of it. 
The thing that surprised me was it was actually a bit cooler than the mad temperatures we've had here in Vegas. 
Tomorrow we move on for the next part of the trip so I'll check in a bit later in the week with some more of the trip

Have a great week 
Love Holly 


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