Disneyland LA style

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Hope everyone's having a great week

Well Los Angeles has been a warm one (nothing could top Vegas for heat) but the sun is lovely. 

Yesterday was an incredible day at Disneyland, I've waited a long time to make it across the pond to visit this park. We most definitely made the most of it time wise being in the park as it opened and making our exit just before closing time last night. 
Well what can I say, there is an air of magic every time you enter any Disney park. Paris has always been great to visit but knowing the history for this park and my love for Disney it meant a lot to finally walk around and see more of the Magic. 

My first thought is how much smaller the Disney Castle was but it still looked incredible behind the statue of Walt and Mickey.
We headed to the back of the park where a lot of the rides had a few minutes wait. 5 minutes for Its a Small World is something I've not seen and even now I've still got the song in my head.
We ventured further into the park where we saw Goofy and then Mickey have produced a lovely set of photos. 
It was incredible seeing some of the rides I've heard so much about. I have to say the Pirates of the Carribbean ride here was incredible and yes we did all look out for a certain pirate running around.

I have to give a special mention to the whole team working in the Pandora shop in the park. Amazing customer service and very friendly all round.

Venturing further we started using our fast pass options on our tickets which I think is a great idea to save waiting for queues when you can come back in a time slot later on. 
Splash mountain was brilliant and so was the Haunted house we literally just walked on to that so time was in our favour. 
After a quick stop for food it was time to look at the shops. Had there not been a plane flight involved to get it home I would have happily bought some of the home and ware items to take back. The Beauty and the Beast selection is lovely.
 When we'd arrived earlier in the day I'd asked a cast member about photo opportunities with Mickey and Minnie. For those of you who read my Paris blog from last year will know how disappointed I was to have missed out on the picture with the two of them as it's always been a photo goal for me.

By chance as we turned a corner at the bottom of Main Street yesterday I saw the two of them with a short queue and managed to finally to fulfill a Disney goal. 
Can't wait to get these pictures printed when I get home.

Towards the end of the day we were lucky to catch the Disney electrical parade which looked amazing round the castle which I highly recommend. The fireworks followed soon after which ended an amazing day for us. 

I have full intentions of making it back here one day to explore more as there's so much more I'd love to see.

I can't fault anything for the day all the staff were amazing no matter where they were in the park. I loved seeing the free roaming characters too i think Belle and the beast were our favourite spot yesterday.
I totally recommend if you love character pictures like me getting the photo pass for getting digital copies of your pictures. I couldn't make up my mind which ones I wanted so this easily sorted it out.
Had to slip the ultimate selfie at the end 

Hope you've enjoyed the blog 

Love Holly 


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