Throwback Thursday - Moon Walk 2013

Hey Everyone 

So for todays blog I thought I'd do a bit of a throwback to the Moon Walk 2013 in London.

With the Moon Walk happening this weekend in London I firstly have to wish every single person taking part a massive good luck. I also send my support to everyone working behind the scenes as the network of helpers at the start/finish of the route and also out along the route is something beyond incredible.
I will never forget making it to the finish line but seeing all the helpers waiting with medals, applause and the biggest hugs was just amazing. 

This is the time before the walk where mental preparation was needed. We had a team get together the night before and then after a very quiet day before the walk got together to head to the start. We were not ready for the massive down pour as we were signing but it didn't stop the fun.

After the warm ups it was time for our team and group to set off. Seeing everyone sticking together and looking after each other made such a lovely atmosphere and it was great to be a part of.

Even my feet will argue towards the end we were convinced the mile marker between 25 and 26 was longer but I was so determined to make it to the finish line.
The memory of seeing someone so tired she sat by mile 26 wanting to give up but seeing the helpers come down to help her along the last stretch was so overwhelming.

There is a huge sense of teamwork when doing this walk and I have so much respect for anyone who takes part you are all incredible.
If you have friends or family taking part don't forget to check in with them along the route as trust me even just a text or a quick call will spur people on so much.

Love Holly 


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