It’s the Tetley vs Twinings Fruit Tea Challenge

Hey Everyone 

So today’s blog has a Fruit Tea theme 

Both Tetley and Twinings have both released some great new flavours and ranges of tea which coming into Spring and Summer make a great alternate for drinks during the day.

Starting off with Tetley

Now this range has a great range of flavours and can be found online as well as most Supermarkets. So far for Supermarkets Morrison’s has won for the amount of the range it stocks and prices for buying it. 
Online you can buy all the flavours but have to purchase them in a case of 4 packets which if you can’t buy them in the shop and want to try the flavours I think would work better if you could pick one box at a time. Price wise though of you have found flavours you like then the price for 4 at £8.17 is good but this is just for one flavour.
My top 3 recommendations from this selection are the Apple and Pear, Cranberry and Elderflower and Blueberry and Raspberry Flavours. 

On to the Twinings selection

This range I’ve found a challenge to find all of in the shops. I’ve found Waitrose and Tesco the best stockists so far for the new range. 
Ordering from the website was very easy and my delivery was with me within 4 days of ordering which was very impressive.
My favourite so far has been the Strawberry and Cucumber green tea with the Citrus and Ginger following a close second. 
The website has a great range of tea so make sure you check it out.

I am also trying the new water bottle selection which I think is a great idea for the Summer. I really recommend the whole selection. I haven’t seen these in the shops yet but did order them from the website. So far my favourite of the 3 is the Watermelon, Strawberry and Mint which will definitely be back in the basket on my next tea order.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these teas and what your thoughts were and favourite flavours as well.

Thanks for checking out this blog there’s lots to come in the next few weeks 

Love Holly 


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