Tenerife Holiday blog part 2 - Summer Scents

Hey Everyone 

Welcome to the next part of my holiday blogs series from Tenerife - this time focusing on some new Perfumes that are our for the Summer.

I usually wait if I can to get my perfumes when I’m back in Tenerife. They have a massive selection not only at incredible prices but also a great variation to what you find in the UK. 
They have a selection of travel/bag size bottles and also deodorant and body wash versions to go with most of the main brands.

Now I usually tend to stock up brands I often wear but this trip have picked up two new perfumes. I looked at bigger sizes of these perfumes in duty free on the way here but got both the ones I wanted for €48 and also for sizes I can carry round in my bag which is what I was looking for.

Both the Abercrombie and Hollister perfumes have a lovely summer smell to them. They both smell really nice and fresh for the summer. Neither of them are over powering and so far after testing them still have a strong smell a few hours later that haven’t faded away. 

What summer perfumes have you chosen this year - leave me a comment below it’s great to see what everyone is choosing for the summer months 

Thanks for reading 

Love Holly 



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