For All Mankind - Apple TV review


For All Mankind - Apple TV Review

For All Mankind has been one of the top shows we've found whilst having Apple TV. I will confess we originally got Apple TV for the trial to see how much we could get through but this show has been a deciding factor in keeping it for longer. 

Showing the Space Race but an alternate look at how things could have happened from as early on as the Apollo Space programme and the moon landing. It poses the question how would things have changed if Neil Armstrong hadn't been the first man on the moon. 

One thing that I have personally enjoyed is seeing Women involved in the stories from the start. It's been great to watch at how their influence could have made things very different in how  space history developed. 

Season 1 is there to watch and trust me you wont want to miss any episodes. Season 2 has just started and is available every Friday with new episodes to watch. It's one you to set a reminder for. 

If you want to give yourself a taster of this great series sign up for the weeks free trial and after that its £4.99 a month. Click the following link to find out more on the show.  For All ManKind - Apple TV Website


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