Lockdown series - Things to do to keep busy

Things To Do to Keep Busy

Hey Everyone, 

Welcome back to the blog in what will be the first in a series of blogs for the lockdown situation we are all in. 

How to keep busy during the day:

- For some it’s been a few weeks and for some it’s been less. I am currently at the end of my first full week of being out of the office. What can I say it’s been a challenge. I found certain things have helped make the week actually go fairly quick. The weather for a change has been lovely in London. Pretty much cloudless blue skies all week. You couldn’t make it up really that everyone has needed to stay inside and the sun decided it would make it perfect outside. 
I am the first to hold my hand up and say sunshine makes me feel miles better. 
Since the start of the week I made myself a window seat and as soon as the sun has moved round I’ve spent as much time as possible sitting in the sun. From reading, listening to music and some work it’s made a big difference to me. 

Other thing’s I’ve tried to do this week have included 

A routine
Yes since the lockdown started for us, the majority of the daily routine has gone out the window. I’m trying to make a point of still getting up at a regular time and also get dressed in the morning. Even if it’s a tracksuit, it’s easy to sit there in your pyjamas all day but I want to try and keep things as normal as possible. I’ve also tried to spread things out during the day from clearing up laundry and other chores that need doing round the house.

Going for a walk
I’ve found more than ever I need to keep moving about. Earlier this week even after one day of fully staying in and then going for a walk I felt like my body complained even with walking up stairs. This has made me determined to find some ways to keep moving whilst this lock down is happening. On our evenings walks it’s literally been us which still seems very surreal as the streets in London are normally full of people where ever you look. I even thought today I actually miss the sounds of planes flying over the city. It’s literally silent. 

I love reading, I used to read a lot so whilst this is going I’ve updated my kindle app with some new books which I am going to set some time aside each day to read now. 

Coming up over the next few blogs I am going to put together a series together about being in Lockdown.

Let me know below how you’ve kept yourself busy during the last few weeks in the comments below.

Love Holly 


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