Disney Nature - Review of Elephant, Dolphin Reef and Penguins

Disney Nature 
Review of Elephant, Dolphin Reef and Penguins

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to the blog and the start of a new Lockdown Week.

With lockdown in full swing I've been working my way through some of the new programmes available on Disney Nature over the last few days, which you can now view on Disney Plus. Have a look here for more information about how to sign up to watch the programmes here. Sign up for Disney Plus here

Premiering on Disney Plus over the weekend this is the 15th documentary from Disney Nature. Directed by Mark Linfield and Vanessa Berlowitz this documentary also has Meghan Markle narrating the story of Shani and her son Jomo. The story follows the heard of elephants as they make their way across the Kalahari desert in search of water. Along the way you see the challenges they have to face in the journey and how the whole herd work together to overcome them.

Dolphin Reef
Joining Elephant in a joint premier Dolphin Reef tells the story of Echo a young bottle nose dolphin. The film is produced by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey and narrated by Natalie Portman. As the story progresses we see Echo having to face the pressure of growing up and being taught some valuable life lessons from his mother about fending for himself. 

Penguins tells the story of Steve an Adelie penguin and his journey in the Icy Antarctic Spring to find a mate settle down and build a family. Narrated by Ed Helms we get to see the challenges the icy weather brings and also the challenges the penguin colony face n keeping safe and making sure their young survive to make it to the ocean when they are old enough. 

All of these movies we've seen so far have been beautifully filmed. They are told in a really Disney way which makes you enjoy the film and really don't feel like they are around an hour long each. If you look at the extra's included and the making of films you can see more of the story and see how they are put together which I think is a great idea for the viewer to get a chance to see. 

Have you seen these films? 
Let me know below in the comments which ones you like and also want to see.

Love Holly 


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