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Hey Everyone 

Happy Valentines Day

It's the day that arrives in the shops pretty much as soon as the Christmas decorations are cleared away. 
I'm not a massive fan of the day I'll admit - I don't understand why firstly it's so commercial where you can go out for a meal one evening that's not Valentines day for normal price and on Valentines night its triple the price. I believe you shouldn't just need one day to tell spoil your partner and tell them you love them that's something that should be done as often as you want in your relationship. 

Small gestures I think mean more, I love seeing people carrying big bunches of flowers and cards and also men carrying them home for their partners. You can see the thought is there and to me I think it's completely the thought that counts. 

What are your thoughts on Valentines Day? How are you spending today?
Drop a comment below and let me know 

Love Holly 


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