Jump yourself fit

Jump yourself fit

Hey Everyone, 

So the end of the month is fast approaching, anyone else agree that January felt a lot longer than a normal month but well February has just vanished. 
Who started the year with Fitness goals? 

I spent last year building up my fitness and stamina with Trampoline classes. I never thought I would actually find something I really enjoy as much as I do. The most fitness wise in recent years I had done before that was train for the Moon Walk and complete a full 26 miles. 

Personally for me finding these fitness classes was a great thing. They came at the right time where I wanted to get back into something to challenge me, that I'd enjoy and also something I wouldn't talk myself out of. 

With some classes I've done in the past if I've not felt comfortable with it i'll talk myself out of going but with these classes it's something very different. Its more of a party atmosphere in every session. If you are looking for something to try I would really recommend this. 
I'm currently doing classes with Fitness Vibe and the one thing I love is no class is ever the same and they know how to push you but in a way where you benefit from it which for me is a great bonus. 

How is everyone doing with their fitness goals this year? drop me a comment below and let me know. 

Love Holly 


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