Setting the goals for the year

Hey Everyone, 

So today's blog comes from being wrapped in a blanket away from the cold today. So somehow the first month of the year is coming to an end. 
I feel like I have managed a lot in the past few weeks, along with the diary I normally get every year this year I also bought a planner. I've started making lists for days off for things I need to do as I am one of those people that if I don't make a list somewhere It will get forgotten about. I've got a habit of leaving some messages unread to make sure that if they need something done I will remember to do it. 

So things accomplished in the past few weeks include 

I have been sitting here for just over an hour deleting emails and clearing all my email boxes ... Its beyond refreshing to see notifications for emails go back down to 0. A goal for myself this year is to keep on top of this. We won't discuss how many have just been deleted as its shockingly bad but it's a job thats needed doing for a while. 

This project is an on going one. Decluttering... Well not only do I hoard stuff but I'm crafty with storing stuff too. Ive decided the easiest thing to do is work round my room part by part as otherwise this will never get done. No matter how many bin bags make it to the bin or to the charity shop its like it all multiplies and doesn't look any different. 

The Blog
I've got some ideas in the works. Now I have a new schedule I have time to develop somethings I've wanted to do for a while. Keep an eye for more coming soon. 

I know people normally set goals at the start of the year but I always give January a chance to see what path i'm on for the year. 

Drop a comment below and let me know how your goals are going and what your plans are for the year.

Love Holly 


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