New Year New Chapter - 2019 goals

New Year New Chapter 

Hey Everyone 

Happy New Year

Welcome back to a new year on the blog.

So it’s 2019 - I don’t think I’m the only one who agrees 2018 just flew past. 

Looking back especially at the pictures on my phone I achieved a lot. I know everyone looks to start the year with new goals but for me this year I want to carry on with what I set in progress in 2018.

The last 12 months were pretty much a whirlwind but one I will class as eye opening and a challenge. 

It’s not until you deal with challenges do you realise how much you can pull out of yourself and deal with things.

If there is one thing I take in to 2019 it’s to push my comfort zone further, 2018 ended on a great note so I’m looking forward to putting the work into see what happens next.

Let me know below what your plans are for the year and how you set your goals.

Love Holly



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