Milan - Mostly work but a bit of play

Hey Everyone,

Firstly apologies for the quietness on the blog work has been very busy the last few weeks all building up to last weekends visit to Milan.
It was mainly for a work event but I was lucky to get some time to explore the beauty of the city. 

The flight with British Airways was flawless both ways and have to thank all the staff for their great help especially on the journey back with our big group that was travelling home.

Milan was stunning, on arrival at The Grand Hotel we were met with amazing decor and incredible views. The hotel itself was beautiful from the moment you walked into the reception. I was so impressed with everything that was on offer. 

The rooms at the hotel was beautiful it was easily one of the nicest nights sleep I’ve had in a look time. I have to also comment on how beautiful the bathroom was. I love looking at different designs of rooms but it easily won points for having a balcony. The most amazing part of Friday evening was getting ready for dinner with the doors open and listening to a saxophone being played in the square outside.

On the Saturday we had some free time to explore, when leaving the hotel the receptionist asked if I wanted a map which I agreed to then be handed a shopping map. Complete bonus points for reception for quick thinking. The area round the hotel was lovely  to explore, seeing the old buildings and the trams running up and down the streets. There were a mixture of old and new trams but these were all old ones that ran on the streets near the hotel. 

Everything was so grand and well kept everywhere around the cathedral. 
The cathedral itself was a stunning building to see. Both during the day and at night the building just looked incredibly beautiful. It was very busy to try and get into visit but one day I would love to return and explore more.

The shopping went on for miles, there were lots of familiar shops but it was great to see lots of different clothes shops to see what hidden gems they had to purchase.

On the Sunday it was mainly a work day but the highlight was getting to visit the world famous La Scala.
We were incredibly lucky to be given a backstage tour of the venue where I was lucky enough to stand on the stage and see the view looking out at this incredible building.
The design and splendour the whole way through was just beautiful. It’s actually hard to get it into words seeing it from all different angles but if you ever get a chance to visit I promise you it is complete worth it.

On the Monday before our trip home we played tourist and took one of the tour buses around the city to see more of the incredible buildings and sites. 

The food throughout was amazing, this salad was actually apart from the pasta one of my favourite meals we had.

The whole visit even though it was short was full of incredible memories. 
The city is one that if you have the chance you should visit. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog 
Have a great rest of the week n enjoy the sunshine 

Love Holly 


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