Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey Everyone 

So today’s blog is about my new Bath and Body works haul

After discovering this store on my USA trip this time last year I’ve been finding ways to get friends who live in USA or any who have been heading there to bring me back products when they come back as at the moment you can’t order products for international delivery to the UK. 

Just before my trip to Milan at the weekend I remembered that there are a small amount of European stores and was very happy to find not only was there one in Milan it was a short walk from the hotel.

I love the deals this shop does, at Christmas my brother returned home from a trip with 7 amazing products for me buy 4 get 3 free I think the deal was but what a haul he came back with.

On this trip I stocked up on a few things and treated myself to a few others. I’ve wanted one of these candles for a long time and am a very happy shopper to now finally have one home.
Even just having the lid off makes my room smell amazing - I chose the Watermelon Lemonade one and absolutely love it.

The hand creams are great for carrying around in your bag they make my hands feel great and yes they also came from the watermelon range.

I’m loving the Coco Shea range the Cucumber foaming scrub has been great to use and in a short time has made a difference to my skin.

I picked up a couple of the body bars to try which both smell amazing once out the wrappers.

On a personal note I wish Bath and Body works would open some UK stores or at least start shipping to the UK. There is a good demand for products here. Not that I mind a trip to Milan but a UK store would be very welcome 

Hope you all have a great day 

Love Holly


  1. These products sound so good! I've had a couple of Bath and Body products before and they were really great!

  2. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material. Fantastic read. Best bath and body works service provider.


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