Winnie the Pooh - Exploring a Classic

Hey Everyone,

I hope you've all had a great weekend.
If you've seen some of the pictures I've posted this weekend you'll have seen I was at the Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday in London.
Theres a few exhibitions there I like to check out but the Winnie the Pooh one is one I've wanted to catch before it finishes on April 8th.

The easiest way I can describe to find the exhibition is to come in the entrance to the museum that is in the underground walk way from South Kensington station. Follow the signs towards the Liner exhibition and also the Winnie the Pooh one as they are next to each other and its the easiest route to take.
I came out a different exit of the station and ended up going in a completely different entrance to normal which completely threw me for directions.

The exhibition itself is a ticketed one so I completely recommend you book in advance to avoid being turned away over the Easter break. If you have a V&A membership card you can use this for entry into the exhibition.
I did note a small buggy park outside the exhibition is worth using if needed as it was fairly busy inside.

The exhibition itself is incredible and much bigger than I thought it was going to be. Featuring the original Winnie the Pooh drawings and stories the exhibition is as much for younger kids as it is for adults. 
There are many amazing drawings and sketches up as you walk around and also this amazing display of the bears. 

I picked up this amazing book which is available in the shop as you leave. Its full of the drawings and lots of special things from the exhibition and a great memory for any fan. 

Hope you all have a great week 

Love Holly


  1. I can imagine you were totally in your element here! How exciting that they had some of the originals! You must be buzzing for the new film coming out! Xoxoxo

    1. total back to my childhood it was a lovely exhibition to see yea i cant wait to see the film xx


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