Online vs The High St

Hey Everyone, 

So tonights blog comes from a conversation that developed at lunchtime today after talking about the closure of Toys R Us 

It made me think that in my local area now I can actually think of one stand alone toy shop on the high street that is not part of another store. 
Years ago you saw more individual stand alone stores which I remember going to with my brother. We didn't go every week but had the chance of saving up our pocket money to spend when we got there or to put towards something bigger.

Toys R Us to both of us was a massive treat to go to and I always thought one day I'd be able to take my children too. With last weeks announcement of more New Look stores and even some of the flagship ones closing down it makes me wonder how much closer we are getting to shopping all being done in shopping centres/malls or online. 

It also makes me wonder about how the next generation won't have the experiences we had growing up, with learning to save their pocket money and going to pick something out in the toy shop or just going shopping on a local high street. Online shopping is there for ease for the majority of us but it is taking away something that has been with us for many years. There are too many empty shops n some places more than full shops.

I will always support local shops, if you have the time to stop and look you can always find something to come away with.
Councils should be doing more to save this experience so it's doesn't loose to the online culture.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog it was a different one to write 

Love Holly 


  1. I actually never got the chance to go to Toys R Us and now I feel like I’m missing something from my life. I totally agree with you, apparently there’s talk of Claire’s shutting down now too! What’s next? :( great post chick!

  2. It’s such a shame that they’re shutting! I used to love going to toys r us with my mum when I was younger and Iv loved taking my nephews since! It’s sad that younger generations won’t be able to experience that feeling!



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