Unwritten rules of social media

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Sunday

So this blog has been in my head to write for a while. 
The subject has been topical for a while on all forms of social media so I thought I'd put pen to paper on it.

I nearly wrote this last year when Cheryl was pregnant with Bear but after watching the press hound Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian I just think enough is enough. 

I actually applaud Cheryl for keeping Bear out of the spotlight and handling her pregnancy her way. Who is to know what she had going on behind closed doors but maybe she just wanted to enjoy the build up to becoming a mum away from every side of the media that wanted to know every detail. 

Knowing how popular the Kardashians are I think Khloe's choice of enjoying her first few months of the pregnancy in her own way is again really nice, at what point is there any rule any celebrity has to share anything with the public. 
What winds me up is how everyone is hounding Kylie - She is young and has spent a lot of her life in the spotlight if she is due to give birth soon how about people leave her be and let her announce that when she's ready. Let her enjoy being a mum and having some time out the spotlight.

I know theres some unwritten rule being famous means you have to reveal everything but I applaud all these women for actually keeping something for themselves.

All of these women have a massive following and I don't understand why they have to bullied by anyone into giving anything away

Anyway thoughts over for this evening 

Hope you guys have a great week

Love Holly 


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