Manners cost nothing

Hey Guys, 

I hope everyone has had a great week.

This wasn't a post I hadn't planned on posting but after an incident I witnessed tonight I've had to put pen to paper.

So this evening I was picking up some dinner on my way home when I could hear raised voices getting louder from the self service area of Lidl. 
It was loud enough to hush every person in the queues and bring security and other staff members running.
What made my blood boil was listening to the woman who was shouting laying in to the poor member of staff - accusation after accusation continued to fly. 
I'm sorry but at what point no matter how angry you are do you have any sort of right to swear, shout and lay on the abuse. 

After working in customer service for nearly half my life I've seen a lot and have taken a lot as well. You have to have a thick skin to take it but not let it get to you. I'm not going to lie and say I've walked away from every situation and just moved on, some days I had to walk away and let my anger out or also cry.
Staff no matter where they work are human.... Yes I know situations come up which don't please everyone but on the flip side people forget it's also the way you come at people that also can explain the response. I know some of my responses were sharp at times but I am a firm believer in something I've had drummed into me all my life 

" What you give out you get back"

It's simple, Manners really don't cost anything. Even saying to a member of staff How is your day going? can be a simple question but when you've been on your feet all day and dealt with a lot of people it can go a long way.
I honestly don't understand how people can be so rude, no matter where you are staff are doing their job and no body deserves to have to be treated like that. 

With Christmas fast approaching think when your out and about from shopping to office parties staff working are there to do their job but to also help you have a good time. If you have reason for complaint don't go in seeing red you will be more likely to get it sorted quicker if you do it constructively. Staff want to help also should be allowed to do their job the best they can to.

Thanks for listening guys 
Have a great week 

Love Holly 


  1. I like your post. All people have feelings. It's so important to be considerate when interacting with people. A kind word can go a long way. You just need know what someone might be going through. Words can make or break a person's day.


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