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Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all well and have had a great week.

So todays blog is a bit of a round up of everything I've been up to in the past couple of months.


So the past few months have flown how is it even November next week? I am first to admit I'm not a massive fan of winter. The clocks change this weekend and I am totally not ready for short day light hours. One thing I do love about Autumn is the amazing sunsets in the evenings and walking through leaves.

So what have I been up to Lifestyle wise
Being a big fan of Friends I was very excited to get to go to Friends fest again this year when it arrived in London. Luckily being late September when we went it was a rare bright blue sky and a gourge warm day watching episodes of Friends on the big screen and visiting Monika and Chandlers apartments (feedback had been taken onboard from last year with some great improvements made to the sets)
The Beauty and the beast hunt has continued in Primark, Mrs Potts has now joined the collection ( she even joined me on a trip to the theatre a few weeks ago) it's now all down to a hunt for Cogsworth to join the collection

I may or may not have added to my collection of Converse. I am not a fan of shoe shopping but when you find your size in the sale it was a no brainer not to put them in the basket. They are actually some of the comfiest Converse I own now and look great for Autumn.

I was lucky to be invited to a new product launch for the brand Urban Veda a few weeks ago. The launch was great fun and the products have been great to try out. I totally recommend the brand as one to try out and cant wait to order some more products. 

So last weekend I popped up to Liverpool for a few days. Whilst the weather was super windy and well the rain excelled itself joining in I had a great weekend. The Flashdance tour was a great night out. Our adventures on Sunday took us up to Blackpool Zoo which was a lot of fun, even the giraffes got in on the picture taking. Time always go so fast in Liverpool cant wait for my next visit though.
If you get the chance to visit Blackpool Zoo I really recommend it for all ages, theres a lot do for everyone. CarPark space was great even though you do have to pay but if the kids have energy left then there is a great soft play park next door.

Hope you all have a great week 

Love Holly 



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