Welcome to Wrexham - Wrexham Football Club visit

For the last few months we have been watching Welcome to Wrexham on Disney Plus featuring story of Wrexham Football Club in North Wales and the story of how Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney became the new owners of the club. 

We've loved the whole series as it has shown the whole story and gives viewers a look at into everything that has gone on. I've loved the fact it shows the good and the bad as this has made it more real to watch. 

The show really focuses on the love and the local community have for the team and the club.  When planning our road trip we looked at different places along the route to visit. When we worked out how close we were to Wrexham we knew we had to add this in to our route 

Our first stop when we arrived was having a look at the Football shop. It was busy for a Friday morning but the staff were incredible and really happy to stop and chat with everyone who had come to visit. Like us there were a few people there from out of Wrexham who had come to visit. 

After visiting the shop we made our way round to the other side of the stadium to visit the local pub The Turf. This has also been shown on the show so it was great to pop in and see where parts had been filmed. 

We were lucky on the way out to meet Wayne Jones the owner of The Turf and have a chat about the series. Whilst we were there we took part in an interview with BBC Wales about why we'd come up to visit which was shown on tv later that evening. 

It was great to visit and see how the club and the ground are growing and benefiting from Ryan and Robs takeover and we can't wait for series 2 to arrive on screen next year. 

If you are in the area or planning a visit everyone was so welcoming and you will be welcomed in as one of their own. 

The first complete series is now streaming on Disney Plus with all 18 episodes ready to watch. 


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