What Theatre means to me

What Theatre means to me 

2021 in itself has taught me a lot. From learning a lot about myself to not taking things for granted. 

Over lockdown itself a lot of things were different. Lots of things went to streaming services from new movies to theatre shows that had been filmed along with other special performances. This was amazing to see with everyone pulling together to get things out there for people to see.

When we arrived at the Mouse Trap on the day the Westend reopened it hit me that theatre was something I had missed the most. At points over the lockdown period cinemas have been open along with shops and restaurants but the feeling about walking back into a theatre again was one I found really special. 

This year has been one where we managed not only to see a lot of shows but also ones that we hadn't seen before. 

Hamilton was one I had tried so many times to get tickets for but it was completely worth the wait to see. The energy from every audience was incredible at all the shows but this one stands out in my mind as the best of the year. 

To see all the theatres with the lights back on and the shutters going back up was very special. 

It was a part of the lifeline that the Westend was missing and has bought so much love and joy back. Even just the sight of people busy reading programmes on their way home is just a sign of things returning to what they should be.

Theatre is something that is there for everyone - from performing in shows to going to watch something you love. It gives you a chance to switch off and loose yourself in a story for a few hours whilst you watch what is going on onstage. 

The industry has fought with everything it has to reopen and here's hoping as we go into 2022 things can improve for everyone. 


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