Hamilton and Me - An Actors Journal - Giles Terera


Hamilton and Me - An Actors Journal - Giles Terera

Have you ever wondered what happens in the process of gaining a role in one of the Westend and Broadways biggest shows?

Hamilton and Me tells Giles's story from the start of his Hamilton journey. From the start of the book you are taken into his diary that he kept along the way from before the audition process to taking the stage in the show. 

The book gives an amazing look in to the show and seeing how it is bought to the stage. From the rehearsal process to once the show is open. 

If you've ever wanted to experience a journey like this then give this book a read. I've given it 5 stars and if you love theatre and Hamilton it's one to add to your reading lists this summer. 

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Please do let me know in the comments if you have seen Hamilton. It's on the list for later this year when the show reopens in the Westend and one I can't wait to see. 


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