Give a Learner a chance

Hey Guys 

So today's blog stems off a driving experience last weekend.

I'm learning to drive and trying to get some practise in when ever I can now when I'm not having lessons. One thing has come to light more and more since I restarted my lessons is how nice most other drivers can be when they can see your a learner. It's only recently I've had a chance to practise away from lessons and last weekend despite have L plates both sides of the car I encountered my first set of angry drivers. 
After a great hour driving round I pulled up at a roundabout and did everything I needed to get ready to go again and luck just wasn't on my side and the car stalled again and again. Whilst I tried quickly every time to get going it took longer than I wanted. I have to say thank you to the drivers that waited nicely for me to get going again but to the person who sat their repeatedly sounding their horn next time maybe think there maybe a reason the traffic isn't moving as fast as you want. Everyone who drives has been through the stage of being a Learner and knows how upsetting it can be when people act like that. It also happened again a few minutes later and I cant thank the traffic attendant who was controlling the road closure I had to get round who came and held the traffic where the stalling issue happened again. Luckily the lady at the front of the queue gave me a massive thumbs up when I managed to get round the corner which made me feel a lot better. Small gestures of encouragement really do go such a long way.
So far I've seen people give me some extra space and not get too near to the car and also happy to wait when they see you out. Both from being in the driving instructors car to out practising it doesn't harm just to keep an extra eye out for a learner.

My poor brain has so much stuff to remember at the moment so any help is gladly taken. Not everyone takes to it the same way and are as confident as others and I know personally I'm determined to get to the end point and pass. 

My point of this blog is to ask to give all Learners a chance. It doesn't take anything to give them extra time in trying to do what they are doing trust me from the other side all learners will be and are very thankful.

Thanks for having a read and have a great weekend 

Love Holly 



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