Comic Con Throwback memories

Hey Everyone

Happy Sunday

Hope everyone's had a good week.

So today I've found myself sorting out some of the boxes and folders of photo I have. I came across my picture folder I keep for all my pictures from the trips I've made to London Film and Comic Con and also from Comic Con in Milton Keynes.

Over the years I've met some of my idols, 2015 being the ultimate back to the future fest for me and also meeting Jason David Frank. I had last years Comic Con planned so well in advacnce. Photo shoot for a picture with Christopher Lloyd with the Delorean was booked months in advance in my eyes this chance was not being missed.
Then came the opportunity to meet Jason David Frank. As a kid I loved Power Rangers and wasn't going to miss the chance to meet him.

I can honestly say out of all the people I've been lucky enough to meet at any ShowMasters event no one has ever disappointed me.
I went a couple of years ago to see Sharni Vinson. I'd tried on the Saturday to get in but the queue and the heat just made me turn around and come back the next day. Sharni was so lovely and happy to talk and pose for pictures and talk about Step Up 3.

I've had many adventures going to different ShowMasters events but have to say after working with crowds on a day to day basis I take my hat off to the incredible amount of planning and work that goes in to organising these events. The logistics that must have gone into organising 2015s event were amazing to see.
Making sure as much as they can that nothing clashes is not easy. We were lucky enough have no clashes last year and were there from start to finish.

As I look forward to booking up for this years event I have the start of a list of who I am looking forward to seeing.
Please check back in July for my blog on what I get up to.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day

Love Holly x


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